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Shiva - Ardhanarishvara


This Shiva linga (symbol of Shiva) dates back to the tenth century. It depicts the harmonizing of polarities as the god Shiva merges with Maya (mother of the universe).

The three swords are the symbol of the Adi Shakti (first or greatest power). This describes the moment the polarities harmonize.

The two curved swords represent Shakti (power of the physical) and Bhakti (power of the spiritual).

The straight sword in the middle (Khanda)
represents the welding together of Shakti and Bhakti energies which produces the power of god.

Finally the patient bull Nandi reminds that this comes about only when the order of the universe is respected.

Ardhanarishvara is one of a number of important Shiva lingas, in which some aspect of Sanatan Dharma (laws of life not touched by time) is expressed. Shiva is a metaphor used in this Dharma to describe the path a human takes to become a God on earth (dharmara). The thousand and eight names of Shiva are attributes of those who follow this path.

Central to Sanatan Dharma is the concept expressed in Ardhanarishvara (harmonizing the polarities, Bhakti & Shakti) The process of actually merging these two energies is simple. The humility and wisdom obtained through the practice of Bhakti Yoga is blended with the power & endurance gained through the practice of Shakti Yoga. When these two sadhnas are completed a synergetic effect occurs within the two systems (subtle nervous system - Bhakti Yoga & central nervous system -
Shakti Yoga). The fusing of these two qualities of energy creates Adi Shakti. This energy produces the god like qualities in the heroes of the Vedic tradition Krishna Avatar, Ramchandar, Gobind Singh.



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