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Maha Yoga

In Sanatan Dharma Maha Yoga is one of the means to achieve the state of Bhakti.

Shikha Upanishad states that Maha Yoga is the combination of Raj Yoga Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and Mantra Yoga. Maha Yoga is the original format for the practice of yoga. As the Vidiya of yoga traveled through time and space and entered Kali Yug it became segregated as all things do in the Dark Age. The original purpose of yoga was to yoke the body, mind, and soul. This is the function for Maha Yoga.

„Maha Yoga is the science of transforming consciousness. According to the original teachings there must be five elements present to create Yoga."
The first is the mind which must be mastered which comes from the practice of Raj Yoga. Next the body must be flexible and balanced which is what Hatha Yoga provides. Next the kundalini must be activated which comes from the practice of Kundalini Kriyas. Next the consciousness must be vibrating at a pure cosmic frequency which comes from practicing Nada Yoga and finally the one science which connects them all:

Without all five elements present you are practicing Yoga, not doing Yoga!
Come and study an one of a kind science with an one of a kind teacher




The lotus flower is a symbol of spiritual purity. Not only because of its beauty but also its roots are dug deep into the mud of the swamp but floats untouched above the dark waters. The analogy of how a spiritual person should relate to Maya. There are many references to the lotus flower throughout the Vedic and Puranic texts.


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