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Bhakti Yoga

Bhakti Yoga is any spiritual practice which can raise the frequency of consciousness to 3.5 cycles, this is Savitarka – Samadhi. At this frequency attachments to the physical are broken this allows the finite to joyfully surrender unto infinity.

It is the aim of all spiritualists to eventually achieve the state of Bhakti. There is however problems related to Bhakti energy. Or more specifically holding on to the state of Bhakti. Most who practice Bhakti yoga successfully become attached to being detached! Floating above life completely without attachment is an important release from our humanness. But it can also be a place to hide from those aspects of our humanness we fear.

Bhakti yogis who do not balance their practice with an equal amount of Shakti yoga will over the course of time develop one or more of the following symptoms; weak hearts, weak lungs, fragile nervous system, weak intellectually indecisive and age rapidly.

Bhakti Yoga when done with due consideration to maintaining the balance with Shakti Yoga will produce a state of Immortal consciousness (Dharmara - god on earth).


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