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Shakti Yoga

Shakti Yoga is the process by which the central nervous system is stimulated to a frequency of 2.5 cycles this is known as “Kal Darshan“ (the power of the moment) this is the moment before the predator leaps into action. All the senses are fully activated, as well as every nerve in the body. Full Shakti (power) focused on a single point.

Just as in Bhakti Yoga when practiced without the balancing effect of Shakti: a Shakti yogi will suffer likewise when the power of Shakti is not balanced with the same quantity of Bhakti. They tend to be self-centered, highly judgmental, insecure, control freaks with weak immunes systems and will most likely die alone in the cold lonely world they created.

When Shakti Yoga is practiced with due consideration for the need to balance with complementary levels of Bhakti, it is possible to create an ageless body with god like powers.

Today there are numerous teachers, teaching numerous versions of Shakti Yoga - these are all frauds. Because if you don’t know Kal Darshan you cannot know Shakti Yoga! Below are the methods employed in Sanatan Dharma to create Shakti Yoga:

Shastar VidiyaThe science of Martial Arts.
This is the complete knowledge of warfare from hand to hand fighting to the movement of battlefield formations Shastar Vidiya is the Yoga of martial arts. The postures in it are described as asanas, or mudras or kriyas or drishties. Kataka postures and movements are included in Shastar Vidiya also. The Six Great Animal Avatars of the Vedic tradition are its six basic forms. The highest levels are shivistic in nature. Shastar Vidiya is the exact opposite complement to Bhakti Yoga Vidiya. This is because it creates extraordinary high levels of power on the physical which can balance the Kundalini Shakti.

Karsat – cross training.
The practice of Shakti Yoga requires a high level of physical and mental development. Shakti yogis are always becoming faster, stronger and more focused!!!!

GatkaLearning the A.B.Cs accuracy balance coordination.
Gatka is a martial sport related to Shastra Vidiya which helps develop the elementary motor skill necessary for introductory students in martial art training.

Juan VidiyaStrength-Weight Ratio.
In the practice of martial arts there must be support training which increases strength. The are many strength exercises found in Hatha and Kundalini Yoga. Modern day strength training can also be used particularly when injuries are involved. Which ever method suits the results will be the same. The strength – weight ration will increase, meaning you become stronger per kilo of body weight.

Cardiovascular TrainingHot Blood.
When the blood is circulated at a high level of efficiency it is know as “Hot blood”. This blood is very effective in introducing nutrition and removing waste. When Hot Blood is being circulated it will move out into areas of the body where circulation is low which help restore function. Hot Blood promotes muscle growth, helps injuries recover faster and improves nerve function. Methods to achieve this are many depending on exactly what type of program you are on. Generally “Hot Blood” is created when you exercise at 80 % of your aerobic capacity for 20 minutes.

Intuitive ArcheryThe royal Art.
This is the king of the human arts because it it the art which makes humans into kings! The one quality found in the perfection of any art is dhayana (undisturbed concentration). Each time and arrow is released it is an exact direct indication of the degree on concentration at the time of release. One missed place though and the shot is lost. Besides this near impossible task of mind control there is a need for physical conditioning. Normally archers in the Shastar Vidiya tradition use bows that require 100 Lbs. to draw. That take an huge amount of strength which requires constant training. The daily practice for an archer was to draw their 100 lbs bow one hundred time on each side!!! Amazing.

Courage is the measure of the strength
of ones ability to face ones weakness.

Ustad Nanak Dev Singh



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