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Triguna Yoga

The concept of Triguna is one of the earliest principles revealed in the vedic/yoga tradition. Triguna yoga  describes the harmonizing of the three states or realities of the human. They are Rajguno the physical Thamoguna the mental and Satguno the spiritual. For a humans to reach their ultimate potential ( Dhamanra god incarnate ) all three states must be in harmony even though thy are opposite energies! Triguna yoga is the yoga of opposites. To blend and harmonize through the mastery of the mind the 21/2 cycle energy of Shakti Yoga ( the power of the physical plane ) with the 31/2 cycle energy of Bhakti Yoga ( the power of the spiritual plane is the highest yoga and the least traveled path.
The power of the warrior who will never surrender must have a balance with the power the Saint who surrenders totally. Just as the saint must have the balance of the warrior.

Mans mission in life is not to become as pure a God, it will never happen we have an Ego. But to reach the perfection of God through Balance. “


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